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Ethics and Liability

Central to the core of our business is integrity and ethical trade. All of our materials are procured from well vetted, reputable sources and are free from any ethical ambiguity. Equally, our jewellery is created in-house from our studio in the Currumbin Valley in Australia by skilled workers.

 How long does it take between placing my order and receiving my piece?
All of our pieces are custom and made-to-order.
For general bespoke orders and our Impression pieces, your creation will be shipped to you within 6-8 weeks from the date of payment – unless otherwise discussed prior to beginning your order. If you require a piece urgently or by a specific date, you will need to let us know beforehand and we will do our best to accommodate accordingly.

For Engagement Rings and other similar large projects, production time is between 8-12 weeks from payment of invoice – unless otherwise discussed, as above.

Can I supply my own materials? 

We welcome you to offer up materials (such as inherited diamonds, gold or otherwise) that you may have access to, to utilise in the construction of your custom jewellery. However, we must warn you that we cannot accept liability for any damage incurred to those materials, during the assembly process. The essence of handmade jewellery requires the skilled manipulation of metal which can require the excessive use of heat and pressure using various tools, which have the potential to cause damage to your material. If you are unwilling to accept this risk, allow us to source mate- rials for you, using our reputable channels and preserve the sentimentality of your materials.

It’s also important to understand that when using old gold and materials that haven’t been through a refining process, it’s possible that solder and other variables can a ect the purity of material. If this is of concern, please let us know and we can arrange for the refining of materials as well as sourcing supplementary material for your piece.

How do I know my ring size? 
Check out our sizing information page for more details on how to go about obtaining your ring size.
How old does a child need to be for the impression range?  

When obtaining an impression of a child’s fingerprint, we have found that best practice is taking a print from a child who is at least 2 years old. Again, children develop at different rates and so to do their fingerprints. It is possible to obtain an impression from a younger child, however we want to make sure that you are happy with the piece. Therefore, Ribs & Dust has full discretion to recommend either to proceed with the impression print or to wait longer for the child’s prints to develop further.

If you are still wanting to purchase an impression piece as a gift but your child is not old enough yet, we are happy to send a gift voucher that can be used once the child is old enough. 

Can I get my Ribs & Dust piece resized if I need?

We place considerable importance on making sure that your piece is the perfect fit for you. However, we understand that there are cases where resizing is required. All Ribs & Dust customers are entitled to ONE free resize service, in the unlikely case that it is required - unless you are explicitly told that resizing is unavailable due to the delicate nature of certain materials (such as opal, or pearls for example.)

A fee will be incurred for additional resizing. Please note that it is critical to get the size of your ring correct, particularly when your piece has precious stones set in it. There are no adhesives used in any of our work, just the manipulation of precious metals. Consequently, if your ring requires resizing, extreme care is needed so as not to a ect the structural integrity of the stone settings. We cannot accept responsibility for lost stones or damage to a ring after resizing has taken place.


Does my piece come in any packaging?
We are fascinated by detail and design. Consequently, all of our orders are sent to you in specially designed boxes, wrapping and satchels. We also love our little earth and so do our best to source environmentally friendly shipping options - we use Better Packaging Compostable Shipping Bags. 
What if I want to modify elements of one of your online pieces?
If, for example, you see one of our Sterling Silver stacker rings but you are more of a Rose Gold wearer, then no worries at all.We want to make sure that you have a piece that you adore and will wear every day. Just send us an email at because you are now ordering a custom piece. How exciting!
Can I get something engraved on my piece?
You betcha! Let us know what you want to be engraved before ordering and we will make sure to embellish it on your custom design. This will incur an additional cost.
What is your delivery process? 
All of our Australian orders are shipped via Express Post and should be received within 3-5 business days. Both Australian and International orders should receive a tracking number. Shipping times for International orders are dependent on the respective country’s custom and postal carrier procedure’s. Delays caused by international custom procedures are beyond our control. If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please send us an email at
Do you ship internationally?
You bet we do! We love seeing our piece’s making their way around this wonderful world. 
What if I need help deciding on the design and aesthetic of my custom piece?
That’s what we are here for! Contact us at with any questions that you have and we will help as much as we can. The design process and the story that is embodied within it is something that we cherish being a part of.
Can we meet with you and design our custom Ribs & Dust piece?
Yes, you can. Whilst meetings are not needed for our online collection, design sessions for customs pieces can be scheduled by appointment only. Shoot an email to to book in a time to meet at our studio.
Do we need to meet up to design my custom piece?
Not at all – it isn’t essential. We can get all we need to design your piece through email and telephone.
What if I live overseas and I want to talk about my custom piece and the design process?
No worries at all. With the perks of modern technology now we can virtually meet through platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp.
Can you make alterations to old jewellery that I own?
As much as we would love to recycle all of your old, lovely pieces, each modification and/or restoration is considered on a case-by-case basis. Send us an email at and tell us more about what you want modified/restored.
Can I get my Ribs & Dust piece repaired?
We take painstaking care and effort here at Ribs & Dust in ensuring that all of our designs are of the highest standard possible before being shipped to its new home. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our quality control procedures. Thus, in the extremely rare case of an item requiring a repair, we will assess it on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that despite the upmost care being taken, wear and tear is apart of life and apart of wearing bespoke jewellery. Thus, wear and tear from everyday life does not constitute or warrant our repair services. For further queries about repairs, just contact us at

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