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Lois & Tom

We had the absolute honour of shooting our Croatia Campaign with the divine Lois Schindler and Tom Cornelisse. We met Lois by chance during our last campaign in Cape Town. She was over there shooting another job and we found ourselves adventuring, hiking and exploring Cape Town together. We all connected on a range of interests and learnt all about her passion for horses, her phenomenal riding ability and also her love for her partner Tom.

This sparked the idea of building a creative campaign that featured Lois and also showcased her horse-riding ability. As the creative vision progressed, we came to realise that we wanted this shoot to be an embodiment of a love story - an ode to the romantic. This vision culminated in us shooting both Lois and Tom together - creating a campaign that was both inspired by and a celebration of beautiful love stories.

We wanted to share more about Tom & Lois with you all - so you too can understand just how special these two are.



How did you two meet? How long have you been together? 

T & L: We met through a mutual friend and started chatting through Facebook (haha). Then, the day after we started talking, we bumped into each other at a casting. We have been together for almost 5 years now. 

What do you love most about each other? 

L: I love Tom’s calm nature and his kindness - he keeps my feet on the ground and the love he shows to his loved ones is admirable. 

T: What I love about Lois, besides the fact that she is super sweet, beautiful and crazy, is that she is always super positive, spontaneous and adventurous. I just love to see her like that - it is really contagious and so she pulls me into that, which I need sometimes. 

What do you find the most annoying about each other? 

L: Haha. Tom can be super stubborn 

T: Lois is sometimes so slow in making decisions... especially in the supermarket. 

What was working on this shoot like for you both? 

L: I loved shooting this special project together! Especially with such an amazing and inspirational team! I feel truly grateful to have made such beautiful memories together. 

T: this shoot was something amazing! I got the chance to meet and work with the most amazing people on the most epic locations. It was perfect! And the possibility to share this experience with Lois is something I will never forget.

What was your favourite piece of jewellery from the shoot? And Why? 

L: I really love the golden necklace with Tom’s fingerprint. I never take it off. It’s so beautiful and timeless. I also love every piece that featured pearls.

T: I have to go with the silver necklace with Lois’s fingerprint! Such a beautiful and well-made piece of jewellery. Also, the silver ring with the boulder opal was one of my favourites. 

What does life look like for you both right now? 

T+L: We bought our first place together in Amsterdam almost a year ago and try to spend as much time there together. We are both modelling - so traveling a lot on our own, sometimes for just a night, sometimes even a few months. Ultimately, we really try to combine our busy careers with also being home in Amsterdam. 

What are you most excited about for the future? 

L: I hope Tom and I can do many more special projects like these together and go on a lot of adventures that make us feel alive!


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