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Forged in love. 
This phrase is at the very core of what our company is built on, a love story.

When Simon Goodburn decided he wanted to propose, to his now wife,  Jade, he was faced with a dilemma.
The challenge was that he had an idea of what kind of engagement ring he’d like to get for her but he couldn’t seem to find anything that quite fit the picture he had in his minds eye.  In response to this dilemma, Simon began to study the art of silver and gold-smithing in the hope of forging his own engagement ring. Little did he know, this newfound interest would transition, over a number of years, from being a hobby to a deep passion for jewellery making today. 
Simon’s first major work was Jade’s Engagement Ring, a woven white gold design with a Champagne Diamond centerpiece and Ceylon Sapphire accent stones. He fell in love with the art, the technique, the expression. Endlessly seeking to acquire new skills and bouncing ideas with master craftsmen and women, Simon continued making jewellery for himself, for friends and family. Now after 6 years or so, we find ourselves here, with you.
The next chapter of the story lies with you.

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