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Signature Impression Rings

Signature Impression Rings
Signature Impression Rings
Signature Impression Rings
Signature Impression Rings
Signature Impression Rings

One day Simon Goodburn, our head jeweller, was reminiscing about a necklace his own mother had gotten made when he was a young boy. The necklace featured the fingerprint impressions of he and his three other siblings and was an ode to family and moments captured in time. This sparked a desire within Simon.

Over the last few years, we have been working to develop a way in which to craft an heirloom-quality impression piece that not only captured the essence of his mother’s necklace but also had the finesse of fine jewellery. 

This journey has led us here to you. An impression in time, lasting forever. 
Each of our impression pieces are handmade and are forged in such a way that the genuine fingerprint and its intricacies are cast onto the pendant itself. Our impression range is an ode to capturing treasured moments of time – a piece of your heart that can be worn and cherished forever.  

Once you have placed your impression order, we will send out our Impression Kit to you via post. Within this kit is our special non-toxic impression putty and detailed instructions about how to get the best fingerprint impression. It is an incredibly easy process. We also include a return post satchel for your convenience. Alternatively, if you live locally you can always organise a time to pop out to our studio and we can do the impression for you.

After receiving the impression moulds back, we then forge them into your custom piece and this usually takes between 4-6 weeks. If you need your piece by a specific date or as a rush order, please email us at before placing an order. We always do our best to accommodate your required timing.

The pricing of our impression rings depends entirely on the material, size and customisations that you would like for your piece. Please reach out to us at and share your design concept with us and we will get back to you with more information. 
Each piece of our impression range is made to order and as such, each piece will vary slightly in shape and individual nature. All of our pieces can be customised and enhanced with precious stones, engravings, etc. If you would like to add some extra flair to your piece, please email us at and we can discuss your design concept further.

For those considering getting impressions for children, please note that our impression pieces require that your child be at least 18 months old – otherwise their little fingerprints may not be developed enough to create a defined impression mould.

Please Note: The children prices are for young ones aged 18mths to 5 years. 
Please read our Terms & Conditions, FAQ and Sizing pages before placing your order. 

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